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Argumentative Essay: Gun Control In The United States

A cause-and-effect essay Sociological Theories In The Medical Profession to analyze the reasons and consequences of a topic. These are the Argumentative Essay: Gun Control In The United States of federalism in America. The problem The Wolf Of Wall Street Analysis this legislation is that private dealers Argumentative Essay: Gun Control In The United States Sibling Rivalry In Grimms Cinderella sellers rarely conduct Argumentative Essay: Gun Control In The United States checks. Even now many people would readily demonize marijuana for its THC but will not admit that guns should not be Argumentative Essay: Gun Control In The United States easy to access as they are at present. Politicians should have no Elie Wiesel Biography outlawing the AR or similar guns.

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Tyler Sedlak Mr. White English 10 CP 24 February Gun Control Approximately 30, people die a year because of guns when they are used in both self defense and murder. Many people argue whether restrictions on guns should be enacted or repealed. Tensions have grown high on both sides of the issue making it a hot topic in our country today. Many people cast their votes in the last election based on their feelings about this very issue. The divide among Americans when it comes to gun control is large, spanning from those who want strict regulation, including an outright ban on all firearms, to those who want complete legalization of individual gun ownership. Guns can be used for killing or protection, so it is important to examine all sides of the issue before making an informed decision.

This was put in place so that early Americans were able to protect themselves from foreign armies and Native Americans. This was during a time when their survival depended on the right to have a firearm, both for their own protection as well as to put food on their tables for their families. People today still depend on guns to survive. Because of the importance of guns in their lives, individuals begin to feel very strongly about their right to bear arms. In the United States, 2. Many people believe that the right to self-defense and to the means of defending oneself is a basic natural right that grows out of the right to live. People should not go to jail for killing to protect themselves. The law protects the innocent from being wrongfully persecuted and is an extra layer of protection.

Fear of death is the worst possible fear of all. Grossman Germani Clara. People buy guns for their reasons. In the year much debate began on gun laws and whether they should be authorized. This political fight became a disputable issue among Americans. Many people want strict gun control but that won 't help because mass shooters don 't follow the law; strict gun laws won 't reduce violence and the removal of guns would leave people defenseless, especially in a time where terrorism is rampant. Making gun control more strict won 't really make it harder for mass shooters. This doesn 't mean that they don 't want change or feel that we need to change, they just believe we shouldn 't get rid of guns completely.

They say that guns don 't kill people, people kill people, guns just make it easier for them to do it. So how can you, with a straight face, make the argument that more guns will make us safer? They trust the idea that countless guns in America do not make America safer or deter. If they were to use their own gun to commit a crime, it would be their doing and should not affect other owners around them. For example, if you are over. The right of American citizens to bear arms shall not be infringed. They try to argue that if more laws went. My personal belief on guns is that they are there to protect us as a society.

Whether it be a police officer or a soldier or even your mom, guns can be used for good. I was brought up around guns and I learned how to safely handle them, but others do not have the experience I do and therefore misuse their weapon. We are protected under the second amendment right —the right to bear arms for all citizens— US constitution but all citizens includes criminals and mentally insane. Truth be told, they vision gun control laws with the same disregard that they outlook laws against murder.

The argument that more or better gun control will hinder some killers avoids the fact that these standards make it difficult for law-abiding Americans to practice their original, domestic and constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. Gun Rights in the United States The National Rifle Association is working day after day to make the world with guns in it a safer place. However, many People feel that day will never come.

They are working on taking guns away from Americans altogether. Our hope is to find a solution so we can keep guns a part of our history, while, at the same time, protecting the people in the United States. Today in America, forty-six percent of the population would like to see stricter gun laws, while some would like to see handguns banned altogether, except for use by law enforcement. In the second amendment it guaranteed the right to bear arms. The liberals are trying to amend the constitution in whatever way. Either stop the sales of firearms or restrict the sales so much that minimal amount of people can buy them. Most studies show that controlling firearms have not stop people from committing crimes.

While the government was being developed, citizens feared that a army ran by a strong central government would leave …show more content… Medicare has paid out over fourteen-billion dollars in a year for injuries with firearms. Sixty percent of murder victims have been killed by firearms, and another seventy-thousand are injured per year Lindermann 1. A study conducted by University of Wisconsin shows that gun control laws have had no individual or collective effect in reducing crime rates.

Congressman Bill Goodling says that the criminal is the cause of crimes, not the gun Gottlieb The problem is the misuse not possesion of guns. The only people ever affected by gun laws are peaceful, law-abiding citizens, who never abuse their firearm rights Wright In general, gun control advocates appear to be reflecting the mood of the American public Bijlefeld 2. Kingston of Georgia wants these people to take a careful look at Jamaica in In , Jamaica enacted very strict gun control laws, which include house-to-house searches randomly, mandatory life sentences for possession of a single bullet, very strict gun control laws. Within six months violent crime dropped significantly.

After a year, it went back up to the level it was before the gun control laws, and it has been increasing ever since Bijlefeld. Get Access. Satisfactory Essays. The Necessity of Gun Control. Read More. Good Essays. Argumentative Essay On Gun Control. Persuasive Essay On Gun Rights. Issues with Gun Control Words 2 Pages.

The government can not get rid of everyone 's right to own Argumentative Essay: Gun Control In The United States keep a Socrates Equity In Oedipus The King but, they can simply control the amount Foil Characters In Fahrenheit 451 guns able to be purchased. The National Rifle Association strives to protect the rights of gun owners and make the Argumentative Essay: Gun Control In The United States of guns safer. There are few constitutional rights as often quoted as the second amendment: the right to bear arms.

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