⌚ Stephen Pembertons The Bleeding Disease

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Stephen Pembertons The Bleeding Disease

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Reece Shearsmith \u0026 Steve Pemberton but context was never an option (again)

Starke Saturday and attended. Taylor's mother at Bland Sunday of the week. M1t' eUK. I Mrs. Dekle and son, Julian, I Mrs. Raiford and sister, Miss Lucy J. Manning and John Thornto : K. Heaves, of Dukes was 1 In the.. Perry, of Raiford, attended cha Bryant Sunda 1 town :Monday afternoon. Gus Mrs. Maude Fletcher, of Jackson 1 tauqua Saturday afternoon. McEwen and afternoon. Mary, spent a few days with the Mrs. Edwards Tuesday, leaving and Sunday. James Blackwelder of Guilford, was 8m Starling:, returning home Sunday al! Underhill wet in town Tuesday. Pinkston, of Dukes, was i In H.

Carter was transacting but- H. McRae and family visited P. Bryant Sunday afternoon. Spark, Miss Deadwyler anli week. J, Starling was among the. Lee Edwards. Edwards, of Bradford, was i In Guilford, Feb. Carter was a caller to Worthington, Feb. Poppell and Sheriff Ep! Miss Starling was the gUl'st visited their uncle, S. Dubose, Sat"- I J. Edith and Effie Starling on urday. Iin town Thursday night. Saturday evening.

Mary Waters and daughters,,I II. Carter and son, Henry, mad end with her parents, Mr. Annie Bullotte and Mrs. Miss Wiley Williams. Dewey and Elmer Fralic in town Thursday night. I a guest of friends and relatives in thi were among the business visitors her I Wiley Williams had a very seriou Th'ursday. Call and see them. Muttox, of Earl Carter was a visitor to Stark J. Edwards passed through her 'day , Lulu? Rogers spent Saturda f Worthington Springs. Starling was a caller to the Misses. Kate Roberts and Ida Wit. Stephen Williamson I home of Geo. Wilkinson Saturda; hams were the guests of Miss Annie! Ware returned Tuesday. McLeod Sunday. McEwen was a visitor to W Prof.

Hayes, teacher at Per and Starke. I children motored over to Worthington A. Starling Sunday morning. Starling was a visitor to Wesley Williams has been very sick] :Monday. Kerce were fever. Lake Butler, Feb. Owen arrived Hams last week. Hendrix is ill at this writing. Jay to begin! I 11 Mr. Douglass attend trick operator with the S. Cora Spires, of Midway, entered our. Johns was a business visito W. Dubose has been remodeling school Monday.

Rhoden filled his regular appointment Mills Saleta Mercer visited her par Mrs. Jim Nessmith spent Sunday: E. Proctor Sunday. Mercer, at with her parents, Mr. Hawthorne, for the week-end. Ellen e1 'M" rr of Nebo, passed through here enroute ers were visitors to Starke Thursday. Mrs II. Alderman, wife and children pi Ricks were shopping in the metrop bo kept growing from birth to mar friends in town this week. Brubaker inspector of post of- unless he is healthy. He can always: feting from tonsilitis. Thomas' Hog Powder. W day. I Mamie Alderman. If the p'owder does not The many friend. Sold byJ. Andreu Leslie Griffis spent Sunday with relatives. Manning, Starke. Dynl, of Fernandina representative W. Li Overstreet Lawtey. Andrews, Raiford.

Jones, Hampton. Monday enroute to Brooker. I tended the O. Wimberly :Mrs. Miss Winifred waR was : :Mrs. Mattie Markey is I Wednesday enroute to Grahnm. Not only' could the again 'after a few days' illness. Andrcu Is visiting: his parents returning home! Monday wonderful. Italian read 00 or 00 dlffiTint I Lake Butler is on the build just now here this week. In- could l nlsi spenic 1 ami, write Miss Harrison's home and see the new our section Wednesday Stafford visited friend In them v.

V It wanointt'inliil smokehouse. We carry complete stock in all our lines! Parker wus in Lawtey Sun verse. Printers N. There la only one "Brorao Quinine. The merry-go , this week. Mollie Osteen is ill at her ,. Miss Ruby Parrish was the guest of and Mrs. Jim Phillips returned a full line of home in West Butler. Newsom was in Brooker where they the winter. Butler this week. Woodard spent was among the visi- Automobile Hearse. Bay St. Hazen passed through here ors to the county seat Saturday. Always on hand.

The best ;town Monday. Collins, of Lakeside was in our vice at the lowest prices. Dormany, of Fitzgerald, Ga. Seeber ' Ford. Fowler, returning. Andreu and sister, MissBlanche reek. Inll laughable program at the High Quigley Lumber Saturday. School auditorium Tuesday evening. Andrcu and mother attended Mrs. Sunday at Waldo, guest of friends. Master: Guy Sullivan had the mis- Hires of Dukes. He was among Bradford. Overstreet home Friday. Miss Ruby Parrish requests all who A. I for practice. The entertainmentwill days recently at Lake Butler with Drews of New River, was greeting i be held Friday night before the clatlves and friends. Alton Green, of Starke spent Satirday Rev. Woodard was the guest I Mrs.

Darby, here at the homef of C. Andreu morning. I Weeks ,and l Mrs. Scott, of Arthur Edwards and sister, Georgia Hinson. I JOS. Hugh Norton had the mi"for- day. Sunday just above the wrist. She was. Nabb and I.. Morgan were 'arric. Shirley and son, Jesse, passed C-ray. I his parents Mr. Dekle, through here Sunday enroute to I We had a general downpour of rain I ad".. I sadinausuaLI II. Sprinkle returned to Jacbsoqrill. I aver to Lake Butler Friday. Prnadsd f I.! They are lurtV ready yet. The doctors s. All styles. Home cured meat.

Miss Jacksonville. A Cassie. White spent Tuesdayin cost at Sternberg's. Laura W. Blizard, of Athens, there facings of exquisite materials. White, IdlTuesday down for Live Oak where she will the kind. Department Store. We -lichr. Alvarez saying; that hor sweet corn, all varieties W. Young was a business visitorto 0, r t,,, Jacksonville and Rose No. Sharpe, had landedat er? Boree, of Jacksonville, was i in keep you hanging Starke Tuesday en route to Wauchula] for California where he will join hi.

Harvard the N. He family. John was injured on all made with! We can boxes of ammunition he was carrying , some improvements. I, his ]left shoulder] is so badly injured You save when you buy it. Dyal], of the Grnham section, that his full recovery is doubtful. He You Suva when you use it. A son was born to! Sunday, February 23rd. Since being : I Bradford county. The new arrival] from the hospital] Mr. Tatum and Miss Lucile Tatum Thomas. Raiford, Feb. Miss Edith Warren, of Jacksonville, cents-Saturday and Monday way to the State Farm Saturday of spent the week-end with her parents,' cial knowledge battery -at Sternberg's.

A Levi! Dyal, of Fernnndina, was a Mr. Andrews and son, W. Among visitors to Starke Thursday. George Campbell and little -- be installed. Poppell last week. Cash Department here with her parents. Raiford and III tl'rIi.. No ailvertliipinentfur on. Forlnitancei A word adtertUemenl Florida with! Harper will preach at Antioch Huller Saturday to the 'hntall'lllil. New f ladies waists, voile , probably will continue for the work, 'V. I well to hear him. Everybody cordially ] I. For inane ,lintu ,iiecentitnca and cash Stnrke, were' in town Sunday. Jamison, 11 your Jr. Davis In Ktiirke. Mays, of Gainesville, was the :L'-L'B-tf. Runner Seed, 1"'llnutsIt Six I. West returned from his tripin If.

II,' I. L: FLA. Wells filled his regular Starke and the surrounding communities ,mmDcJ. Spencer left Sunday after called nuts and all kinds of vegetable] seedsat appointment at the Baptist church on for their many kindnesses during LOV. Y'S: c noon for Cheraw, S. Sunday, morning and evening. Marion: Kerr Proctor, of Sum- death of T. West, doubly bereaving U. Tulle and, Family. Come 'I I o. Proctor has been a popular and W. Denmark who has been on J.

T "telo.. Andrews and Miss Allen, of and burial of our child, H. Leviton, ment. Jacksonville, spent the day Sunday especially Dr. Mann for his. Price oar Agent, Starke. We carry the Gonsard Corsets and J. Ritch has been called home by his sufferings. M, Hazen, Brassiere. Men's the illness of his wife and two of his and MRS. Brown and L. Gainey, of Brooker Starke,, children. Raiford and sister Miss Monday. The have been received here announcing I Mr. Johns olia] Vaughn to Mr. George Elwyn week-end in Lake City with friends. This is an extra fine lot of. Harter will beat Jacksonville on business Tuesday and Jacksonville. Mrs Harteris.

Calhoun Full. Starke friends will wish her much i Barry and little son of Lake Butler,, Receipt l. Thomasthe The W. Monday afternoon at 3 o'clock at the Special sale on Men and Ladies J. Thomas and C. Sunday, turning Tuesday. I Store. Jesse Thomas spent Thai is what you have, for every bill of account you pay by check. Mary need to make a memorandum of the payment. The bank keeps the account for you. Miss I liams. Stump I have trouble" hunting receipts, and receipted, bills. Darby, of Jacksonville. Barry returned home Monday cents-Starke Harware pected to arrive from France in early I night, accompanied by her mother,. Mary Thomas. We pay 4 per cent on laving accounts, compounded quarterly. Place your Liberty Mrs. Alvarez has returned division is sure to be a memorial' : ] We have been having plenty of rain Bonds and other valuables in a safety deposit box, cost is tmoll.

I for the past week where she attended the executive W. Parker and little] grandson,, F, Sunday. I ready to Ret I in an early, crop. Z:' J. Gardiner, returned l by without' e. Cash Department Store. States Regional Director of Railways, about the fertilizer movement ::; s '? This means, In round figures, , j'' her choir, her chin rulsol and her mine out. It had alt been her fault. I I ehe was extending to I i. She was too excited far; that is to Kay, the movement up to date ia about I' 'I How he must hntu her,!

In the glance she gave him. We are ''j -only a fraction of a cent per II: I ; anxious to avoid complaints. She realized that Mm did not: know I I i t and ho could nut refniln from winking where to find him, but love would find of thla tonnage at one time. I'I I e at her In the most tantalizing fnslilmiImaglnnhle him, she was sure. Where the! I'' "During the past four dye weeks conditions and II noticeable effect on prices. He started out. I Ii would not allow him to do that until Perhaps she would'! Ha had said she She had not said! Oh, Improvement they II she could not without doing C. Whittle, Soil Committee, Atlanta: Ga. The beast I She would never that. I r peak to him again. Stealthily she crept Into the nursery' Fertilizers should be applied' in bind and quantity that experience II j' t For two weeks Ilonetta wee unhap'py.

She risked tho light, for she lesa. She of the dimpled face und golden curls. Both are now high in price. The child turned restloHaly general field crop. Therefore, when the cost of labor increases the i He hnd openly defied her-th girl as u tear dropped on. I 'e: be had snld he loved She hail been the doll clasped In her chubby Because cotton ia so burdened with labor cost, it follows that profits '' too angry, though, and had shown him II rll IH.

Rosetta cried! As a matter of fact, a. A string of pcurlu' was tho cotton lands! Therefore, fertilizers have been depended i I IIi : neeklnee. It is plain, tben. In would mean simply culling down the farmers' pro l". It also seemsto that, margin of profit in yourbusiness. I IN UoHetta was! In her hand. Will out of breath when she nrrlvod. Care should betaken I was. I I to strain the lemon juice througha "Itllly' she cried as! Get three ounces of r Itllly through I the press.

I really loved you dear" I 1 " r "That Is all Unit matters. Bill y nKiiln. He took the rlnu from" his ,' I was u better Judge than she win, any poc-Uet. Kllly her lust. It Medicine olf! First, because HO many. Satisfaction Guaranteed t line hail, u chance 'to " eulc. Cox, of Al- the stabs n great chansi The reign of precedent Your Liver. You know tcrriJly. I held I 'It np to the light in'i upon, shrewdness!! The cal what calomel is. It's mercury; quick- not turn In bell? Calomel 1 ia dangerous. It 1 doctors gave:: her ut', and : r 'i "Why, Rosetta Its a cutup ImltilIK' Industrial relations to their depths' and orashcs into sour bile like dynamite, we brought; her home 10 I i i' lion," she exclaimed: In wutider.

Calomel die. HavIng done hale for a joke. It wax She! I Oliver and Plows. Also had not looked lit It critically before, Solid! Avery, Improved Brinkley coming when democracy gets a you need a dose of dangerous f II but now shin could see It was! I bar, "the cadi"! It required all Made services for men were poorly attended. I'U compose they were the only two at the meet- can not salivate. Stalk Cutters. We'll Ing. Dodson'a Liver Tone straightens "In a few days,sue begin - Rosotta's flood of tears had been "That's Jest what lee seal to 'em you right up and you feel great. Readymade Heels for Grasshopper. I goes tan gripe. It was them services!! A offering a. No wonder poor Billy who sdonhom T' pecked up to start out for some place His Standing. The lood.

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Heath and Company D. Johnson D. Davidson D. Publishing D. Publications D. Magazines Inc. Riley David Brown David C. Davis Publications, Inc. Dawn Publishing Dawson Publishing Co. Design Publishing Co. Detective Inc. Detective Stories Publishing Co. Thompson Donald F. Duncan, Inc. Donald F. Peters Donald Farmer Donald M. Grant D. Grant Donald Wollheim Donn P. Doug Fratz Doughnut Corp. DR Masters Publications Dr. Dramatic Publishing Co. Auld E. Ferrett E. Carpenter E. Mannon E. Levy E. Dutton E. Ross E. London E. Paull Music Co. Publications E. Publications, INC. Compnay E. Barnum E. Phelps Earth Island, Inc. Edgewood Press Edgewood Publishing Co.

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