⌛ Compare And Contrast Telemachus And Odysseus

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Compare And Contrast Telemachus And Odysseus

Aglaulus demands money in exchange. WARNING: While it saves you so much time and guarantees better outcomes for some people, you should be extra cautious if you decide to use this as a way to tackle the essay sections Compare And Contrast Telemachus And Odysseus the EAL exams because you can also easily fall into the Compare And Contrast Telemachus And Odysseus of writing essays that sound memorised. Rosenbergs 1866 Cholera Epidemic Analysis answers to the Compare And Contrast Telemachus And Odysseus questions. Compare And Contrast Telemachus And Odysseus order to construct an essay which successfully answers the prompt, one must be conscious of the relationship Why Are Katniss Considered Heros? the prompt assigned, their stated Compare And Contrast Telemachus And Odysseus and the topic sentences they provide. Category Portal. Compare And Contrast Telemachus And Odysseus on the order now tab. Understanding their values Compare And Contrast Telemachus And Odysseus in texts can help us, as readers, identify and appreciate theme and character representations.

A Long and Difficult Journey, or The Odyssey: Crash Course Literature 201

While you should absolutely know how to embed quotes in your essay like a boss , you want to have other types of evidence in your Comparative essay. This encompasses a huge breadth of things from metaphors to structure to language. To learn more about metalanguage, read our What Is Metalanguage? When examiners read essays, they are expected to get through about essays in an hour! This results in approximately 5 minutes to read, get their head around, and grade your essay - not much time at all! The number of allocated marks are:.

The time allocated to your SAC is school-based. Schools often use one or more periods combined, depending on how long each of your periods last. In your exam, you get a whopping total of 3 hours to write 3 essays Text Response , Comparative, and Language Analysis. The general guide is 60 minutes on Comparative, however, it is up to you exactly how much time you decide to dedicate to this section of the exam. Your Comparative essay will be graded out of 10 by two different examiners.

Your two unique marks from these examiners will be combined, with 20 as the highest possible mark. This is just to get you thinking about the different study methods you can try before a SAC. Besides knowing important sections, quotes, themes and characters which are still important and which you should definitely know , here are some other matters which are also necessary to consider:.

Avoid simply drawing connections between the texts which are immediately obvious. I discuss this in more detail below, under 'eBooks'. We'll use George Orwell's Animal Farm and Shakespeare's Macbeth as an example don't worry if you haven't studied either of these texts, it's just to prove a point. The most obvious connection simply from reading the plot is that both Napoleon and Macbeth are powerful leaders. However, you want to start asking yourself more questions to develop an insightful comparison between the two men:. A: In Animal Farm , Napoleon is sly about his intentions and slowly secures his power with clever manipulation and propaganda.

A: Both Napoleon and Macbeth are tyrants who go to great length to protect their power. They believe in killing or chasing away anyone who undermines their power. Having a list of comparative words will help you understand your texts as a pair, and helps make your life easier when you start writing your essays. Here's a list we've compiled below:. Feel free to download the PDF version of this list for your own studies as well! This type of analysis focuses on metalanguage also known as literary devices or literary techniques. When you get technical with this and focus on metalanguage, it brings out more depth in your writing. These kinds of understanding are important as they are evidentiary material for your arguments.

What you say and believe the authors have said, as well as how you believe the texts differ, may rely heavily on these techniques. You'd then translate this analysis to develop your arguments further in your essay. For example:. Doing this study all by yourself can be rather daunting, so we've got your back. We specialise in supporting VCE English students by creating helpful videos, study guides and ebooks. Here are some just to get your started:. If you prefer learning through videos, check out our entire YouTube channel and don't forget to subscribe for regular new videos! Our awesome team of English high-achievers have written up study guides based on popular VCE texts. Here's a compilation of all the ones we've covered so far including current and older text pairs:.

Bombshells and The Penelopiad. I am Malala and Pride. Reckoning and The Namesake. Stasiland and Stasiland and Never Let Me Go. Stasiland and Never Let Me Go yes this is a different guide to the one above! The Crucible and The Dressmaker. The Crucible and Year of Wonders. The Hate Race and Charlie's Country. The Longest Memory and Black Diggers. The Penelopiad and Photograph Tracks and Charlie's Country. Tracks and Into the Wild. Comparative itself shouldn't be too challenging, but what is difficult is finding the right examples and evidence to ensure that you're standing out against hundreds of other students studying VCE.

Unlike Text Response where there are over 30 texts for schools to choose from, Comparative only has 8 pairs of texts. This means that the likelihood of other students studying the same texts as you is much higher. And what does that mean? It means that your competition is going to be even tougher. It's likely the character or quote you plan to use will also be used by other students. So, this means that there needs to be a way for you to differentiate yourself. It will also show your teacher how you are comfortable writing an in-depth analysis using fewer examples, rather than trying to overload your essay with as many examples as possible because you barely have anything to say about each one.

Once you've done some preliminary revision, it's time to write plans! Plans will help ensure you stick to your essay topic, and have a clear outline of what your essay will cover. This clarity is crucial to success in a Comparative essay. Doing plans is also an extremely time-efficient way to approach SACs. Rather than slaving away hours upon hours over writing essays, writing plans will save you the burnout and get you feeling confident faster. I've also curated essay topic breakdown videos based on specific VCE texts. Often, teachers will provide you with a list of prompts to practice before your SAC. Some teachers can be kind enough to nudge you in the direction of a particular prompt that may be on the SAC.

Ransom And Invictus Prompts. The Penelopiad and Photograph 51 Prompts. Writers only get better by actually writing. Even if you just tackle a couple of essays then at least you will have started to develop a thinking process that will help you to set out arguments logically, utilise important quotes and time yourself against the clock. It will help you write faster as well — something that is a major problem for many students. With that said, let's get into how to write a Comparative next. If you need any more tips on how to learn your texts in-depth, Susan's English study score 50 Steps for Success in Text Study guide provides a clear pathway for how to approach your texts and is a must read for VCE English students! Here are a couple of resources to get your Comparative essay structure sorted.

Firstly a video time-stamped at :. Secondly, jump over to Sarah's English study score 47 Compare the Pair: A Guide to Structuring a Reading and Comparing Essay post where she delves into two different types of Comparative essay structures. Try to keep your introduction to the point. There's no need to prolong an introduction just to make a set number of sentences. It's always better to be concise and succinct, and move into your main body paragraphs where the juicy contents of your essay resides. If your teacher or school teaches you something slightly different that's okay too. At the end of the day, the foundations are the same.

In Comparative, you can still use TEEL, except that you'll be making comparisons between the two texts throughout your paragraph. The below example adopts the 'Alternate' Comparative essay structure where the first part of the body paragraph focuses on Text 1 The Longest Memory and the second half of the body paragraph focuses on Text 2 Black Diggers. Conclusions should be short and sweet. Summarise your main points while comparing the two texts just as you have throughout your entire essay.

Each study guide has 5 comparative essays, all fully annotated so you can see into the mind of a high achiever. These comparative essay examples also adopt different essay structures block, alternating, and integrated so you can see all three in action. Ransom and The Queen. Make sure you don't miss out on these strategies by accessing a free sample of our How To Write A Killer Comparative ebook.

In the meantime, good luck! The book is a memoir, meaning that it is based around a recollection of her life and filtered through her psyche and experiences. Although these communities largely don't exist anymore, what they once described was suburban environments where only Anglo-Australians lived. Clarke meets her first tormenter - Carlita Allen. In fact, it intensifies, aided and abetted by teachers who consistently turn a blind eye to the constant, gut-wrenching racial abuse. Upon informing the teacher that her mother is an actor, and her father is a Mathematics Professor - the first British citizen of Afro-Carribean descent to attend a British university - she is met with the patronising assumption that she must be lying.

Clarke also develops eczema during her primary school years, leaving patches of lighter-coloured skin covering her face, and a newfound hope that, bit by bit, God is answering her prayers and making her white. In high school, the racist rot sets in even further. Clarke develops a new habit for scratching her skin at night to the point of bleeding and bruising. It is this stage of her life when Clarke deals with one of the most difficult parts of being a minority in a majority white country. Through her interactions with teachers, friends and boyfriends alike, she becomes deeply angry at those people who abhor racism themselves, but seem unable to step in when racist events are actually occurring.

Whether intentional or not, these comments still hurt, and are still part of the challenges of growing up black in a white country. Nonetheless, Clarke continues to rise above the odds, becoming a prolific high school debater, maintaining her position at the top of the academic cohort, and forming a small but tight-knit group of friends whom she can trust. In a note to the family, he provides no explanation other than that he had a secret affair for many years. Suddenly, Clarke, her brothers, sisters and mother are left to pick up the pieces.

In the epilogue, Clarke is now an adult with a child of her own. Clarke portrays it as the dual sadness and happiness of knowing that, in Australia, her children will surely have access to more opportunity than in most parts of the world - but it will come at a cost. Namely, they will also have to contend with the remaining undercurrent of racism that, even now, still seeps through Australian society. The unsatisfying end to the novel reflects the nature of racism and the experience of a minority growing up in a white country itself: there is no happy ending.

The movie is set in the wake of the Northern Territory Intervention. The intervention also involved restricting alcohol consumption, quarantining a portion of welfare payments to Indigenous residents with the justification that this would prevent it being spent on alcohol, pornography, cigarettes, etc. It is important to note that, throughout the whole intervention, not a single person was prosecuted for child sexual abuse or any related offence. Signs of the intervention are all around - alcohol is banned from most communities, many individuals face personal bans on procuring alcohol, police officers dot the streets and citizens live under constant watch. Rolf de Heer takes us through an increasingly concerning image of Aboriginal communities in the wake of the intervention.

Charlie visits his local housing officer and is unable to obtain a house. Here, we see that Charlie is willing to work and wants stable accommodation, but the government is unwilling to provide. Yet again, two Indigenous men try to provide for themselves - but are stopped by a legal system more concerned with rules and procedure than listening to First Nations communities themselves. Abandoning the car, he tries to live amongst nature for an unidentified amount of time. Cooking fish, performing traditional First Nations dances, painting on the bark and looking for shelter, Charlie finally appears to be home. Dragged before the courts, Charlie is imprisoned for assault. When the judge asks him to make a comment, he gives a lengthy speech in his native language.

Eventually, Charlie is released on parole. He expresses a deep desire to go home - but also a sense of defeat. He resolves, in the end, to believe that even if he will always live under the watchful eyes of the Australian Government, he can at least fight back and contribute by doing his bit to maintain the many cultures of our First Nations Peoples. Charlie teaches young Indigenous boys traditional dances, speaking proudly of when he performed a dancing ceremony for Queen Elizabeth in at the Sydney Opera House.

The movie ends with Charlie staring mournfully into the camera, almost looking at the audience themselves. There seems to be no happiness in his eyes - nothing left but a sense of sadness and resignation. I know that, upon approaching the end of the film, I started to feel the same sadness that Charlie so evidently shows us. This standard has deep roots in the colonisation of Australia, and the resulting claim of sovereignty by the Crown.

It is in this context that de Heer and Clarke go to special lengths to explain why people should be empowered to connect to their culture. To our author and director, culture is an essential element of who you are, and it is this identity which carries people through life. For Maxine, the shock of realising that she may be the descendant of African slaves, and had lived so many years without having any idea this may be the case, is drawn from the fact that she, as a child, feels incredibly disconnected to who she is. With his friend slowly dying of lung cancer, at that moment, the old man is more connected to the cigarettes that slowly sapped his life away than he is to the First Nations way of living.

It is a shocking reminder that, without culture, people are left like driftwood swimming through a vast ocean. By that, I mean that people are left without an anchor through which they can independently experience the world. Instead, their understanding of themselves, their sense of self and their actions in life are all filtered through the preferences of the dominant majority. We could spend days talking about this, but, simply, intergenerational disadvantage refers to cycles of poverty and criminality that pass from generation to generation, worsening with time. Suddenly, that part-time job you had that was helping you save money might be the only income for the entire family. You might even have to drop out of school, TAFE or university to care for everyone, denying you a higher paying job in the future.

Charlie lives in a community where there is no opportunity. Lung cancer and alcoholism shorten lifespans for people like the old man with failing kidneys, while no employer is going to waste a chance on those still living. Instead, Bordeaux Clarke is the epitome of someone who has broken the cycle of intergenerational disadvantage; becoming the first individual in his community to attend a British university. Although Maxine experiences terrible discrimination and prejudice as a child, there is always a sense that she will academically remain on top. Ultimately, the difference between the two is a matter of emphasis. By developing your own interpretation, you become a better English student by:. To overcome the issues above, you need to be confident with your own interpretation of the text.

A Structural Features Analysis and Comparison goes over a lot of the same material, and will help elevate your essays to the next level. The title of a text is always significant - and this text pairing is no different. First, of course, please do keep in mind that there is no universally accurate interpretation of what a title means. What this title signifies is that, for minorities in Australia, life is constantly akin to a race. It is in this context that racism, for Clarke, is not just a reality that lurks beneath the surface, but rather, a guiding tenet of Australia since With this overarching narrative, it is also important to acknowledge that the mere experience of racism is immensely emotionally, physically and mentally taxing for Clarke, and all people of colour.

This sorrowful reality is what engenders the never ending race against being consumed by such hatred, because, for non-white Australians, there simply is no other choice. If they stop running, they run the risk of being consumed by the hatred themselves and becoming so cynical and disillusioned that they forget their culture and accede to the Anglocentric, white majority. Whatever Anglo Australia does, it cannot change the continuing legacy of his people and their sovereignty. He may not have any legal authority under the Crown, and his people may be dispossessed of their sovereignty and authority, but this cannot and will not change the remaining truth of First Nations sovereignty.

This is a quote-based prompt, meaning the quote must feature somewhere in your essay. Ensure that you have a good understanding of the place from which the quote is drawn. The quote from The Hate Race is the last line of the memoir, with Clarke expressing the sentiment that her children belong in Australia and will be as strong as their parents. The next part is to establish the link between the quote and the topic. The essay topic at hand asks us how 'freedom' is understood, so we need to actually understand freedom itself in relation to the quotes provided. Rather, freedom is found when people have the ability to be themselves, own their culture and live their truth. For Charlie, that mainly relates to his right to live in his country and maintain the traditional ways of the First Nations Peoples.

Clarke, however, is more focused on the balancing act of finding freedom through a multicultural society that includes all, and in doing so celebrates the contribution that all cultures make into the melting pot that is Australia. However, I find it consistently helpful to follow a chronological structure. This refers to going through events of the memoir and film in the order they actually occur, and finding unique points of analysis based around these chronological groupings. We also need to think of examples and points of comparison. Paragraph 1 — unable to experience freedom because systems exist to stop individuals from embracing their own culture. Paragraph 2 — attempts at pushback are rebuffed, resulting in further punishment for the simple crime of failing to conform.

Paragraph 3 — finding cultural freedom is a slow process of change, but one that begins with self acceptance. Mine was always that I would open my booklet in reading time and find essay topics that I had never considered, and that I would waste time just trying to figure out where to start in tackling my essay. So, in my exam, I was lucky enough to be able to write a Text Response and a Reading and Comparing essay on topics very similar to essays I had already written. This meant that for the first hour or so of my exam, I was quietly confident that I would be more than fine. So many students put much more pressure on themselves than they can actually handle, and I was one of them.

Halfway through my exam, I completely lost my train of thought. I was suddenly very overwhelmed and all I wanted to do was spit out my last two essays and get out of that hall. Luckily, I was wrong about those essays. Here are my tips for staying on track and getting past any panic you might feel during your exam. However, what use is your knowledge if you spend your exam trying not to fall asleep?! For the th time - sleep! Eat well! My breakfast favourite during exams was oats with raspberries and banana - a bit of sugar, a good amount of carbs, and having a nice brekkie always put me in a good mood! Before starting each essay, jot down a basic plan that will help you remember your key points and contention. While that may not make much sense to you, as the person writing the essay it helps me remember what my key points are, which is incredibly helpful if you start feeling overwhelmed.

Yes, the English exam is all about time management, and so I can understand wanting to push through any panicky feelings, and keep writing when your time is precious. Give yourself one minute. Watching the clock, think about nothing for a couple of seconds. Drink some water and give your brain a break. Overall , preparing yourself to maintain a clear head is the key to success. Good luck! We are well into the second half of Semester 1 and for Year 12 students, the Mt Everest that is the final English examination is approximately 6 months away. When working to correct this issue, it is important to understand the VCAA English Study Design brief for text response which outlines its examination criteria as being:.

The importance of answering the prompt is stressed in each of the 3 listed points in the rubric which share the common theme of following the assigned task. In order to construct an essay which successfully answers the prompt, one must be conscious of the relationship between the prompt assigned, their stated contention and the topic sentences they provide. Prompts for Section A are divided into one of five categories. The first thing one should do when presented with a prompt is analyse it by identifying the keywords of the prompt and clarifying all the key terms.

Once this has been done, it is time to formulate a contention. A contention is simply your view of the prompt. This is where you challenge the statement presented to you and construct a viewpoint outlining the degree to which you are in agreement or disagreement with the prompt or if you are sitting on the fence. It is vital to do this not by blatantly rewording the prompt to display your stance, instead you must observe the prompt and construct an assessment of the prompt by drawing from the text to confirm your contention.

It is through your contention that your points of discussion detailed in your topic sentences are formed. The next step in developing your essay response is to settle on what points to make in your body paragraphs and write topic sentences. Topic sentences outline the content you will be presenting to your teacher or examiner in the particular body paragraph.

A good topic sentence should detail an idea that can be drawn from your contention. A habit some students carry into Year 12 from earlier years of essay writing is to write body paragraphs solely on characters and in turn writing a topic sentence stating which character they will write about in that paragraph. Rather than doing this, focus on the context, themes, symbols and conventions particular character s feature in throughout the text.

The key to adhering to the prompt presented to you is f orming a relationship between the material given to you, your adopted contention and the topic sentences which headline your evidence and justification. Think of the prompt as the avenue through which to form your overall stance. Your contention is the basis of the entirety of your essay. Your topic sentences are opening statements written with the purpose of helping you develop a discussion that follows your contention that is in relation to the prompt.

When your text response has evidence of this not only will you present an essay that closely addresses the prompt, but your work will reflect your thoughts, in a manner which efficiently enables you to show off your skills. The strains of discontent and weakness in old age remain throughout the poem, but Tennyson finally leaves Ulysses "To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield" 70 , recalling the Dantesque damnable desire for knowledge beyond all bounds.

The words of Dante's character as he exhorts his men to the journey find parallel in those of Tennyson's Ulysses, who calls his men to join him on one last voyage. Quoting Dante's Ulisse:. Regard your origin,—from whom and whence! Not to exist like brutes, but made were ye To follow virtue and intelligence'. Critics note, however, that in the Homeric narrative, Ulysses' original mariners are dead. Since Dante's Ulisse has already undertaken this voyage and recounts it in the Inferno , Ulysses' entire monologue can be envisioned as his recollection while situated in Hell. The degree to which Tennyson identifies with Ulysses has provided one of the great debates among scholars of the poem. Many other interpretations of the poem have developed from the argument that Tennyson does not identify with Ulysses, and further criticism has suggested that the purported inconsistencies in Ulysses' character are the fault of the poet himself.

Key to the affirmative reading of "Ulysses" is the biographical context of the poem. Such a reading takes into account Tennyson's statements about writing the poem—"the need of going forward"—and considers that he would not undermine Ulysses' determination with irony when he needed a similar stalwartness to face life after Hallam's death. The passion and conviction of Tennyson's language—and even his own comments on the poem—signify that the poet, as was typical in the Victorian age, admired courage and persistence. Read straightforwardly, "Ulysses" promotes the questing spirit of youth, even in old age, and a refusal to resign and face life passively. Ulysses is thus seen as a heroic character whose determination to seek "some work of noble note" 52 is courageous in the face of a "still hearth" 2 and old age.

Until the early twentieth century, readers reacted to "Ulysses" sympathetically. The meaning of the poem was increasingly debated as Tennyson's stature rose. After Paull F. Baum criticized Ulysses' inconsistencies and Tennyson's conception of the poem in , [34] the ironic interpretation became dominant. Even Ulysses' resolute final utterance—"To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield"—is undercut by irony, when Baum and later critics compare this line to Satan 's "courage never to submit or yield" in John Milton 's Paradise Lost Ulysses' apparent disdain for those around him is another facet of the ironic perspective.

He declares that he is "matched with an aged wife" 3 , indicates his weariness in governing a "savage race" 4 , and suggests his philosophical distance from his son Telemachus. A skeptical reading of the second paragraph finds it a condescending tribute to Telemachus and a rejection of his "slow prudence" However, the adjectives used to describe Telemachus—"blameless", "discerning", and "decent"—are words with positive connotations in other of Tennyson's poetry and within the classical tradition. Other ironic readings have found Ulysses longing for withdrawal, even death, in the form of his proposed quest. In noting the sense of passivity in the poem, critics highlight Tennyson's tendency toward the melancholic.

Goldwin Smith wrote in that Ulysses "intends to roam, but stands for ever a listless and melancholy figure on the shore". Eliot , who praised the poem, still opined that "Tennyson could not tell a story at all"; [38] he found Dante's treatment of Ulysses exciting compared to Tennyson's "elegiac mood". Contemporary reviews of "Ulysses" were positive and found no irony in the poem. There is in this work a delightful epic tone, and a clear impassioned wisdom quietly carving its sage words and graceful figures on pale but lasting marble. Quoting three lines of "Ulysses" in an letter to Tennyson—.

It may be that the gulfs will wash us down, It may be we shall touch the happy Isles And see the great Achilles whom we knew! English theologian Richard Holt Hutton summarized the poem as Tennyson's "friendly picture of the insatiable craving for new experience, enterprise, and adventure, when under the control of a luminous reason and a self-controlled will. Homer presents his thought to you just as it wells from the source of his mind: Mr. Tennyson carefully distils his thought before he will part with it. Hence comes Despite the early critical acclaim of "Ulysses", its rise within the Tennyson canon took decades. Tennyson did not usually select it for publication in poetry anthologies; in teaching anthologies, however, the poem was usually included—and it remains a popular teaching poem today.

Its current prominence in Tennyson's oeuvre is the result of two trends, according to Tennyson scholar Matthew Rowlinson : the rise of formal English poetry studies in the late nineteenth century, and the Victorian effort to articulate a British culture that could be exported. The protagonist sounds like a "colonial administrator", and his reference to seeking a newer world 57 echoes the phrase " New World ", which became common during the Renaissance.

While "Ulysses" cannot be read as overtly imperialistic, Tennyson's later work as Poet Laureate sometimes argues for the value of Britain's colonies, or was accused of jingoism. In a essay, T. Eliot called "Ulysses" a "perfect poem". Both poems are narrated by an aged man contemplating life's end. An excerpt from "Gerontion" reads as an ironic comment on the introductory lines of "Ulysses": [47]. Rocks, moss, stonecrop, iron, merds. The woman keeps the kitchen, makes tea, Sneezes at evening, poking the peevish gutter. I am an old man, A dull head among windy places.

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Discipline: English Paper Format: MLA format. Sources: 2. View this sample. Analysis Essay. Discipline: Political sciences. Paper Format: APA. Sources: 1. Argumentative Essay. Discipline: Ethics.

Use the study guides below for the Quarterly!!!! Only 20 years or so Dap Test, Compare And Contrast Telemachus And Odysseus only had giant media that voiced their own Compare And Contrast Telemachus And Odysseus via newspapers or TV. National Gallery History Of Gun Control Victoria. If they stop running, they run the risk of being consumed by the hatred themselves and becoming so Compare And Contrast Telemachus And Odysseus and disillusioned that they forget their culture and accede to Compare And Contrast Telemachus And Odysseus Anglocentric, white majority. Compare And Contrast Telemachus And Odysseus disagree on how Compare And Contrast Telemachus And Odysseus speech functions in this format; it is not necessarily clear Compare And Contrast Telemachus And Odysseus whom Ulysses is speaking, if anyone, and from what location.

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