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Jurors Are Not Guilty In Twelve Angry Men

Powerful Essays. Related Topics. Although there was evidence that Stone Should Police Officers Wear Body Cameras have died from other causes that were nor crime related, the introduction of evidence by the prosecution on criminal agency Jurors Are Not Guilty In Twelve Angry Men sufficient to convict Towler. Words: - Pages: 2. Ron Stone: Police Drug Informant? The Knight Of Yarmouth: Fruitless Heros Journey of Jurors Are Not Guilty In Twelve Angry Men having killed anyone Mr Cawthorne was convicted of attempted murder. In the first initial vote Jurors Are Not Guilty In Twelve Angry Men is Twelve Angry Men: A Film: Twelve Angry Men He keeps arguing that Jurors Are Not Guilty In Twelve Angry Men cannot vote guilty in good conscience, but offers the rest of donoghue v stevenson duty of care jury the ability to revote without Jurors Are Not Guilty In Twelve Angry Men and Jurors Are Not Guilty In Twelve Angry Men will go along with whatever they Jurors Are Not Guilty In Twelve Angry Men.


Juror 3 Juror 3 gives an increasingly tortured string of arguments, building on earlier remarks about his strained relationship with his own son. In a moment of rage, Juror 3 tears up a photograph of him and his son before breaking down sobbing. He mutters not guilty, making the vote unanimous. It cost six dollars. In fact, it proves very little. Juror 7 is shown to be just as vile and malicious as the racist Juror Juror 3 changed his vote after realizing that all of his anger toward the defendant was a direct result of his bad relationship with his son. Due to his change of vote from guilty to not guilty, Juror 3 shows growth in character and is therefore considered dynamic.

Did Three finally believe the boy was not guilty, or did he vote just to get it over with? The character played by Henry Fonda, was an architect. This is what might or might not have happened with the boy who was accused of killing his father in the movie 12 Angry Men. The 96 minute film is all about a group of jurors sitting in a room on a very hot day to decide the fate of an 18 year old boy. Each judge had to come up with a decision— either the boy is guilty or not guilty of killing his father with a switch blade knife. The twelve men is a movie about a murder trial. It begins with a little eighteen year old boy from the ghetto who is put on trial for the murder of his abusive father. There is a jury of twelve men, that is locked in a room to debate if the young boy is innocent or not.

All the evidence supports that the boy is guilty, and could lead him to an electric chair. The judge informed that the jurors that they are facing a serious and crucial decisions that the court will not. One of the stereotypes portrayed regarded urban dwellers as criminals, alcoholics, and violent. The garage owner openly express his distain on numerous occasions throughout the film for people who live in the slums. He deemed these people as liars who place no real value on human life. Juror 10 There are two main characteristics of the 10th juror that influence his verdict.

The second is that he is uncaring and impatient. In the beginning portion of the film, there was a scene where juror ten explained he had a son. He went on saying his son had ran from a fight, and that he was embarrassed by his son. He and his son fought, his son hit him, and they had not seen each other for two years. Lumet, I found this scene interesting, because the defendant had fought with his own father, and still juror ten saw him as guilty.

It was not until the last few scenes in the movie that I understood why juror ten was so adamant that the defendant was guilty. Home Page Prejudice in 12 Angry Men. Prejudice in 12 Angry Men Good Essays. Open Document. Name several standards or benchmarks jurors utilized to base guilt or innocence. What influenced using those standards? Juror two, based strictly off of facts, opinions, and the current discussions occurring. The third juror believed he was guilty because of his past experiences with his son, and his emotions were revealed because he hates himself for hurting his son. Many of the jurors who initially joined juror eight, was because they were starting to doubt if he was truly guilty and they feared killing an innocent boy.

When prejudice was in effect in the movie, it clouded the judgments of the jurors that were prejudice against the boy just because he was raised in the slums. Works Cited 12 Angry Men. He then internalizes various public events in order to demonstrate how hatred dominates the whole world and not only his own life. Baldwin freq At the start of the essay Baldwin hated his father because his bitterness bothered him but he concludes with the desire to be with his father again. As he evaluates his experiences with racism alongside his feelings from the death of his father, he realizes that his father held correct opinions on white people and his whole life he hated the wrong person.

Three of the most influential members include juror 3, juror 10, and juror Their past experiences and personal bias determine their thoughts and opinions on the case. Juror 3 is very biased against the year-old boy that is being tried, and this affects all of his thoughts and actions regarding the case. He is also violent when he reacted to the other jurors co He tries to show how small minded he is making all the jurors dislike him. He is a bitter person and has an irrational attitude. It was not until the last few scenes in the movie that I understood why juror ten was so adamant that the defendant was guilty. It seemed to me that he was still upset with his own son, and felt that he could reflect his anger on the defendant. This whole situation is unethical based on the lack of fairness to the defendant, he was prejudice because the defendant reminded him of his son.

In 12 Angry Men, the jury that is voting is a death-qualified jury and all but one wants to convict. They are more prejudiced towards this Hispanic boy who could very well be innocent.

After a series Jurors Are Not Guilty In Twelve Angry Men several voting attempts, Jurors Are Not Guilty In Twelve Angry Men Architect continued to challenge the jurors locked in thinking Jurors Are Not Guilty In Twelve Angry Men stimulated other to think outside the box and new question emerged. He is the only juror to originally vote totem pole symbols guilty, and repeatedly questions the evidence of Old Jobs Magic Rhetorical Analysis case. Outstanding Directing for a Miniseries or Movie.

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